Park Activities



Park Activities & Facilities

Most Park activities are scheduled between 8:30 am and 10:30 pm unless otherwise posted. All are open daily except during church services.  A calendar is published and available in the office each month during the winter season.


Activities in the Park

              Pot Luck Dinners - Held the first Monday of November, December, January, February, March and April at 5:30 pm in Hood Hall. Bring your own table service, beverage and a dish to share for the table where you sit. A donation is received.  During the summer months Potlucks are held every Wednesday evening followed by a time of prayer.

              Mugs on Monday - Held the second and fourth Mondays during the winter season at 8:30 am in Hood Hall. Bring your own mug for coffee. There is a small charge for coffee and donuts or bagels.

              Painting Classes - Held at Martha’s Place from January through April. Bring your own canvas, paints and brushes. There is no charge.  Check the calendars for classes, dates and times.

              (Missions Opportunity) W.M.I. - Meet every Tuesday during the winter season from 9 - 11 am at Hood Hall. Volunteers meet to do miscellaneous sewing or craft projects to help missionaries.  All are welcome!

              Blood Pressure Clinic - A blood pressure clinic is held every other Wednesday in Hood Hall.


              Bible Studies – There is a Ladies Bible Study which meets each Wednesday from 9:00 – 10:30 am in Hood Hall during the winter.  Other Bible studies may be held in the Church Annex.  Watch the Calendar and The Life and Times monthly newsletter for information.

              Prayer Meetings Men’s prayer and Women’s prayer sessions are held every Thursday from 9 - 10 am in individual homes during the winter.  Women’s prayer sessions meet all summer as well.  Locations and changes are announced at the Wednesday night service.


              Praying Moms – Several small groups of “Praying Moms” meet weekly to pray for their families.  There is also a monthly meeting January through March with a special speaker or program to encourage one another.  If you would like to be a part of a “Praying Moms” group contact Nancy Price at 863-370-0742.


              Singing – The Church choir welcomes new members and meets at the church at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings following the Midweek services during the winter months.


              Quilters and Stitchers - Meet Thursdays from 10 am to noon at Martha’s Place unless otherwise posted. Anyone who enjoys sewing, fun & fellowship is welcome to participate.


               Crafters ‘N Stitches – A group that formed during the summer meet from 2 pm to 4 pm at Martha’s Place.  Anyone who enjoys sewing and other crafts, fun & fellowship is welcome.


              Wood Carving and Wood Projects - Classes are held on Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm at the wood shop at the south end of the maintenance building.  Information is published in the newsletter as to the projects being taught.


              Park Beautification - Helps to keep Light and Life Park beautiful.  Meetings are twice a month following Mugs on Mondays January through March.  Plants, topsoil, and mulch are offered for a donation and gardening tools are available for Park residents to use.  There are also knowledgeable members who can give advice on plants. 

              Horseshoe Pitching – Every Monday morning at 9:00 am January through March, a group meets at the horseshoe pit between Shuffleboard and Mini Golf.  Anyone is welcome to join the fun.

              Shuffleboard – Monday through Friday shufflers meet at the Shuffleboard Courts at 2:00 pm.  Sometimes tournaments are played.  Newcomers are always welcome and everyone who shows up is given a chance to play.

              Game Night - is every Friday from 7 - 9 pm in the Maxwell Commons which is located in the center of the Villas. You are welcome to join in and bring a favorite game.

              Jam Sessions - Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 pm an informal group of strummers and other musicians gather for a Jam Session at Maxwell Commons.  All are welcome to join the fun.

              Parties of 6 – This is a fun way to get acquainted with one another.  Groups of 6 plan dining times together during the winter months.


              Special Dinners – Our Activities Director coordinates catered dinners on Bible Conference Sundays, Missions weekend, Athletic dinners and other occasions.  There will also be dinners planned and prepared by volunteers.  In all of these dinners volunteer help is needed.  Contact the Activities Director to volunteer.


              Amateur Radio Club – There is a small group of licensed ham radio operators who meet informally every other Friday morning at 8:30 am.  The meetings are about an hour and include discussions on radio operations, planning projects and general conversation.  Watch “The Life and Times” monthly newsletter for location and start date.


              Summer Fellowships Special activity or dinner is held the first Monday of the month usually in Hood Hall.


              Sound and Media Team

November through April is a busy time for special programs and events in Hood Hall.  This group is responsible for making sure everyone can hear when special programs happen.  If this is your niche be sure to check with the office for the contact person.


Annual Activities


              Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Ministry – Each fall, Liz Roach organizes this ministry and gifts are provided to children all over the world for Christmas.


              Blood Mobile Visit/Drive – January usually brings an opportunity to donate blood which is used for emergencies in our area.  Blood Net sends a mobile unit to the park.  Sign-up sheets are available before the drive and will be available following the Resident Meeting preceding the drive.


              50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration – Couples who celebrate their 50th anniversary within the calendar year are honored in a special celebration near Valentine’s Day.


              Annual Bird Count Twice annually a group of birders participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count to determine the state of the bird population of the U.S. and Canada.  Watch for announcements.


              Arts, Crafts and Quilt Show – Held annually in Hood Hall, our talented people display their handiwork and occasionally offer their work for sale.   This event is usually held in mid-March.  All crafters are welcome to display their work.  Many talents are usually featured.


              Holiday Dinners – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are traditionally times when we like to come together for dinner.   For those who don’t have a family dinner, there is normally a dinner planned at Hood Hall.  It may be organized with volunteers preparing the main entrees and sign-up sheets for specific dishes.  It may be an impromptu potluck.  Whatever the situation, it is open to all and a special time of fellowship.


              College and Conference Gatherings – Each winter several F.M. Colleges/Universities hold alumi dinners or receptions at Hood Hall.  Also some of the F.M. Conferences hold dinners or lunches.  Watch The Life and Times monthly newsletter for dates and times so you won’t miss the fellowship.




Activities Outside the Park


              Bowling - A group goes bowling at a local bowling alley each Tuesday afternoon January through March.  The time for bowling is 12:45 pm.


              Golf - A group meets to play golf each Wednesday from November – mid-April. The first tee time is 11:10 am.  The cost is $26.75.


              The Gadabouts – Several of the ladies have scheduled outings to various points of attraction once a month from January through March.  They find a point of interest which includes dining and maybe shopping and spend the afternoon out of the park.  Watch for information on these outings.


              Day Trips & Cruises – Watch the bulletin boards and The Life and Times monthly newsletter for trips planned by Dick Zinck .


Park Facilities for Activities

              Nine-hole Golf Course - Our golf course is located at the south end of the park. Dues for the season are $10.00. Visitors pay $1.00 per game.

              Mini-Golf – The mini-golf course is located between the Shuffleboard Courts and the church.  The course is available from daybreak to 10 pm.  Equipment is available.  A donation is requested.

              Fitness Center - Is located in the center of the park just off the walkway to the church. There are fitness machines, ping pong and pool tables available.  You may obtain a key at the Park office.

              Shuffleboard The cost is $5 per season with your own shuffle stick and $6 without. Dues are to be paid to Bob Barnard 859-0026.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

              Pool – The swimming pool is available on the south side of the creek and can be accessed by crossing the walking bridge or driving bridge.  The hours are 9 am to dusk, weather and water conditions permitting.

              Wood Shop - Is located at the south end of the maintenance building and is set to accommodate residents with building and craft projects. Users of the Wood Shop pay annual dues and a one-time deposit for a key. Keys are available in the Park office.

              Memorial Library – Is located south of the Miniature Golf course and is open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week.


              Horse Shoes – Located by the shuffleboard court. The shoes are in the shuffleboard building.


              Tennis – Located off Bethany Way.  You must bring your own equipment.


              Kings Kids Play Area – Located near the miniature golf. Limited to children ages 1-5.


              Big Swings – Located near the pavilion.




Facilities for Meetings and Gatherings


To use Hood Hall, Maxwell Commons or the Pavilion, contact the Park office at 858-7504.


Other Available Park Facilities


Laundry Facilities

The Laundromat is located by the cabins in the RV/Overflow camping area on the north end of the Restrooms.


Dumpsters & Recycling

Dumpsters are located across the Zion Avenue Bridge just past the Alligator pond.  The tall dumpsters to the far right (west) are for garbage and trash.  The shorter dumpsters to the south are for recycling.


Cardboard has a separate dumpster and paper products that have no food on them are also allowed there.  WAX COATED cardboard (i.e. juice cartons) IS NOT recyclable.  Plastics, metal cans, glass, as well as paper products all go into another separate dumpster that is marked as Comingled.  Soda cans go in the shed located near the dumpsters.  DO NOT put STYROFOAM or PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS into the recycling dumpsters.  Details are available in the office.


Air pump and water hose

Located near the Fitness center


Park Beautification Supplies and Equipment

The Park Beautification area can be found near the dumpsters where the buildings are all green. Plants, top soil and mulch are available for a donation. See the Bulletin board by the greenhouse for information on using equipment.



Opportunities for Service/Ministry


Volunteering:  Volunteers are always needed.  Notify the Park and Church offices if you would like to be contacted when volunteers are needed.


In the Park:

Church – call the church office

Memorial Library – call Mary Jo Rardin

Samaritan’s Purse – contact Liz Roach for information


Outside the Gates:

Hospital – call the Annex

Kathleen UMC Food Distribution – contact Anita Raboin

Kathleen School


Nursing Homes – contact them

Bread of Life Fellowship Mission at Plant City, contact Joe Dabill