11/1/2012 - 11/1/2013 Events
Dale Wise Celebrates His 96th Birthday Everyone Comes to Hood Hall for Dales 96th

First Year in many years some of the residents got together for a Horse Shoe Tournament

Park Employees are Honored
Sherry Loflen & Ron Wyncoop Sharron Moore & Don Moore
Joe Dabill , Sandi Edkins, Mike Lower, Tim Price Men's Quartet

The Park Residents Came Together To Honor The Park Veterans

The New Library is Started This Year
4/24/2013 Library  Dedication Inside of the near Completed Library

Start of Bridge Repair New Tube To Go In Bridge
Cutting Out Old Tube Placing New Tube
New Tube Is In Place Replacing Concrete Wall
Finished Bridge Finished Hand Rails
Bridge is Completed before Summer Rains The New Pad is Wall To Wall

Feb. 25,2013 Ladies Had a Mini Golf Tournament
Everyone is Enjoying the Nice Weather After There Round Lunch Was Ready

04/28/2013 Paster Last Service Beore Retirement
Our Beloved Pastor John Hendricks Last Service Before His Retirement - 04/28/2013
John & Bobbies family singing a special
John and Bobbies Family Were Here for Johns Retirement
And Came Together To Sing The Special
Everyone That Had To Go North Missed a Great Service

In The Afternoon Everyone Came To Hood Hall To Celebrate Pastor Johns Retirement 04/28/2013