2017 Hurricane Irma


The Eye of Hurricane Irma Came Over Our Park At 2:00 AM  09/11/2017.
It Was Rated a Cat. 2, But The Winds Were 113 MPH. If They Were 115 MPH It Would Have Been a Cat. 3
Below We Will Add Pictures As We Can.
9/11/2017 2:00 AM Hurricane Irma Video
Tree Down Near Library Tree Down on Bridge To Maintenance Home
Tree Down Near Gate Two Big Trees Down Destroyed Cabin 7
New Wood Shop Tree Damage
There Are Many Other Trees and Limbs Down Through Out The Park
Moving Generators on Bethel Water at The Bridge to Old Pool
Tree Just Missed Cabin 8 - Got Water Inside Cabin 10 was Also Flooded
Flooding at The North End Of Hebron Rd Flooding On Ebenezer
Joppa St. Water Flooding Flooding at Shiloh Near New Pool
Roof Blown Off Roof Blown Off
Awning Destroyed Awning Destroyed
Wast Water Plant
Flooding at Waste Plant Portapotties Were Needed While Plant Was Being Repaired

Goats Roaming Park After Storm

Clean Up Crew Worked Around The Park Chipping Tree Limbs

Some Owners and Volunteers Worked to Remove Damaged Items From Some Units