Light & Life Park Inc.,

Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Section 1:  Introduction


1.1   Florida’s Light & Life Park, Inc. a.k.a. Light & Life Park (hereinafter called the Park) is an integrated auxiliary and outreach arm of the Free Methodist Church.  It is a Christian retirement community of adults at least fifty-five (55) years of age who intend to live in the Park year round or a minimum of thirty (30) days each year for worship, fellowship, recreation, relaxation and work.


1.2   Light and Life Free Methodist Church is located within the Park and has seating for approximately 550.  Hood Hall with seating for approximately 450, is used for meetings and dining.  These facilities are air conditioned for comfort.  There are 11 guest rooms with shared baths available for rent.  There is also a Permanent RV section for 71 units and a RV Camping area for 12 units, including two bathhouses, one with attached laundry facilities.  Other facilities include 6 air-conditioned rental cabins, a Memorial Library, tennis court, two billiard tables, horseshoe pits, miniature golf course, a 9-hole golf course, a fitness center and a playground for small children.


1.3   Suggestions for the betterment of the Park are welcome.  Complaints and constructive criticism should be presented directly to the Park Administrator in writing.  The spirit of the Park and its residents is that of the Golden Rule:  “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”  (Matt. 7:23)


1.4   As a Christian community, we care and share, however we do not have the facilities or personnel to provide individual personal daily care for residents.  This must be taken into consideration for each individual's plans for the future.  We strongly urge residents to make plans for their future needs before circumstances force a decision.  The final decision in each case will be left with the Board of Directors of the Park.


1.5   In an effort to promote a more orderly community, and in the interest of the common good, all residents and guests are expected to read and obey these Rules and Regulations.



Section 2:  Park Office


2.1   Office hours are determined by the Board of Directors and are posted at the Office.


2.2   Office equipment (computers, printers, fax, copiers, etc.) is for official Park business only.  Fax and copying service for Park residents is available during the regular office hours at the Park Office.  The Park does not provide tax or legal advice.  Notary Service is available in the Park Office.


2.3   The paid Park staff maintains all facilities as well as grounds and equipment.  Permanent and winter residents give many hours of volunteer time to keep our community working smoothly and efficiently.


2.4   Maintenance staff handles non-emergency situations during regular working hours, Monday through Friday.


2.5   To receive response to a Park maintenance problem, a MAINTENANCE REQUEST Form must be filled out and submitted to the Park Office.  These forms are available in the office.  Non-emergency items will be addressed only if a maintenance form is submitted.


2.6   Park management and staff are not responsible for personal property repairs and upkeep.


2.7   All park equipment or vehicles must be operated only by Park employees.  Due to insurance requirements no equipment or vehicles will be loaned to residents for personal use.

2.8   Each year the Board of Directors reviews and establishes rates for all Park facilities, lessees and property owners.  The rate sheet is available in the office.  Various clubs such as woodshop, shuffleboard, miniature and regular golf groups establish their own rates and collect their own fees.


Section 3:  Property Ownership and Transfers



a)          Florida’s Light and life Park, Inc. was created September 22, 1998 as a Christian Retirement community for 55+ year old adults who are looking for a southern home.  Those who meet the age requirement and are in good standing with a Free Methodist Church may own or lease property in the Park.  (Exception:  Non-Free Methodists may qualify under Article 3.4 of the By-laws.


b)          Only one Light and Life Park residence shall be owned at one time.  [EXCEPTION:  When changing residences, the original is listed for sale for no longer than one year except as provided in Rule 3.6 (b).]


c)           Park Members shall file a “Successor Designation Form” with the Park Office to indicate what kind of successor document the owner has, such as a Living Trust or Last Will and Testament, and who the successor will be, or who will inherit the property.



d)          When a property owner remarries an office contact should be made to restate their succession intentions and to fill out a new “Successor Designation Form”.  If the new spouse is not to receive the property but is to have it as long as they are alive, then a life estate is to be stated as the intention.  (A Successor Designation Form is available in the Park Office for this purpose.)




        Only members who are at least 55 years of age and are in good standing with a Free Methodist Church may own or lease property in the Park.  (Exception:  Non-Free Methodists may qualify under Article 3.4 of the By-Laws). 

a)          NEW APPLICANTS must obtain an "Application for Membership, Florida’s Light & Life Park, Inc.," from the Park Office, and send or turn in the completed application, with the non-refundable Application fee of $100.00, to the Park Administrator who will then forward all applications to the Park Board for their action.

b)          ALL applicants must have Board approval before purchasing/leasing a property in the Park.

c)           From the date of approval, applicants will have two years to purchase/lease property after which the application will expire.  An applicant may re-apply within thirty (30) days at a reduced fee.  Otherwise, the Application Fee will be required again.

d)          Non-Free Methodists, who have Board approval, must contact the Park office to determine the status of the “percentage quota” before proceeding further.

e)          An approved applicant (or designee) will negotiate a signed sales agreement directly with the seller (or designee).  (See “PROPERTY SALES LIST” 3.3.1)

f)            An approved applicant (or designee) and the seller (or designee) will then make an appointment with the Park Office to finalize legal paperwork, pay required fees, and secure a deed or lease.

g)          At Closing, a new Member must clearly state successor rights, whether in a Last Will and Testament, a Living Trust or a Life Estate by filling out a “Successor Designation Form”.





a)     The seller (or designee) MUST schedule a pre-sale inspection of the property with the Park Administrator who will note any defects which must be remedied before the property can be approved for sale if it is to remain in the park.

b)     The seller (or designee) MAY request the Park Office to place the property on the ‘PROPERTY SALES LIST’

c)     The seller (or designee) and approved applicant/buyer (or designee) will negotiate the details and conditions of the sales agreement which is to be signed by both parties.

d)     The seller (or designee) and buyer (or designee) will schedule an appointment with the Park Office to finalize legal paperwork and pay any required fees.

e)     Seller must sell or deed his/her property to only ONE buyer, whether a person or a husband and wife, not to multiple individuals.


The following two lists shall be maintained by the Park Office:



This is a list of approved applicants and is NOT prioritized so that any applicant on the list is eligible to purchase/lease any property which is for sale in the Park.  (Exception:  Free Methodists always have priority.) 



This is a current list of properties/units for sale in the Park.  The list will include the seller’s name, address, phone number, a brief description of the property/unit and the asking price as furnished by the seller.


The APPROVED APPLICANTS LIST and the PROPERTY SALES LIST will be available in the Park Office and distributed to Board Members during the months of January, February, March, July and November.  A copy of the PROPERTY SALES LIST will also be provided to those on the APPROVED APPLICANTS LIST.


a)          Properties cannot be listed with any realtor. 

b)          They may be listed with the Park Office.

c)           They must be handled as described in these Rules and Regulations.


3.5       FEES

a)          A Property Transfer Fee of $100.00 is payable by the seller to the Park on all sales transactions of villas, houses, travel trailers, park models or mobile homes. 

b)          New Applicants will pay a First Time Resident fee of $1,000.00 when a new home is purchased.  When completing an application the Application fee of $100.00 is required and will be applied toward the fulfillment of the First Time Resident Fee.



a)          Any unit offered for sale must be sold within one year, but may be rented during this period.  An application to rent must be submitted to the Park Office for approval.

b)          If the unit is not sold during this time, the owner must request an extension in writing to the Board of Directors.  [The “Owner’s Request for Extension to Sell” form is available in the Park Office.]


3.7   TAXES

a)     All deed holders and lessees of real property must pay their own taxes as assessed by the county and/or state agencies.

b)     All lessees of property designated as leased will be billed taxes by the Park Office as assessed by the county and/or state agencies.

c)     All taxes billed by the Park Office must be paid in full by December 15 of the following year.


Section 4:  Safety


4.1   The Church, Hood Hall and Library are the suggested emergency shelters in the event of severe weather.  It is recommended that each resident stay tuned to radio/television information for updates.


4.2   Please drive responsibly on all Park roads.  The speed limit is 15 MPH on all roads in the park.  Especially be careful of One-Way streets from Bethel Drive to the west.


4.3   Automobiles and trucks are restricted to established roads only.


4.4   Golf carts are restricted to streets or grassy areas and are NOT TO BE DRIVEN ON SIDEWALKS when walkers or bikers are present.  Children who do not possess a valid driver's license may not drive a golf cart unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  Riders of bicycles and tricycles should use extreme caution when driving on sidewalks, ALWAYS GIVING WAY TO PEDESTRIANS.




4.6   Firearms are to be used only with permission of the Park Administrator.  The owner must notify the Park Office if they have firearms on the Park.




Section 5:  General



a)          All property owned or leased at the Park shall be occupied by the owner or lessee at least thirty (30) days per calendar year.  The Board may permit otherwise when written request is made for a waiver.

b)          Members (Park Residence Owners) may have house guests in their residence.  If the Member needs additional space to accommodate guests, the Member may seek to rent a Park-owned facility (cabin, guest room, or lot) for a limited period provided the Member will also be residing at the Park.  Such a “Sponsoring Member” will be responsible for the behavior of their guests, consistent with the Bylaws and Rules of the Park.  Those owners who wish to rent out their residence must annually complete the “Owner’s Application to Rent Residence” Form and submit it to the Park Administrator. 

c)           Residents are asked to notify the Park Office when having house guests for more than overnight.

d)          Each homeowner, renter or lessee is responsible to see that all Rules of the Park are followed by those occupying their space.  Absence of the owner from the property does not remove his/her responsibility for staying in compliance with the Rules.

e)          Residents must provide the Park Office with a key to all structures on their property.

f)            Residents are asked to notify the Park Office when leaving the Park for any extended period of time.  Also, water and gas to your unit must be turned off at this time.

g)          Residents are asked to notify the Park Office when arriving at the Park after being away for an extended period of time.

h)          Power outages should be reported directly to Tampa Electric Company (1-877-588-1010).

i)             All mobile homes, travel trailers, park models, and houses will be kept in good repair and appearance, painted and washed as necessary.  Rubbish and unsightly accumulations must not be allowed to collect on the property or carports.  All landscaping will be arranged to make it as easy as possible for mowing. Trimming, weeding, and grooming of flowers and shrubs is the responsibility of the resident even when not present during the summer.  All debris must be removed.  The Park Administrator will inform owners of any violations of this nature.

j)            Residents who are gone for the summer are to tie down carts and secure lawn furniture so they will not become flying objects during hurricanes!



k)           All those seeking to become a renter in the Park must submit an “Application to Rent a Residence at Light and Life Park” Form to the Park Office for review and approval by the Park Administrator. 

l)             Rent payments are to be made to the owner.  The Park will not accept rent payments from renters for Park fees.  Park fees are the responsibility of the owner.

m)        Visitors are welcome but are requested to register at the Park Office when they arrive or as soon as the Park Office is open after their arrival.


5.3       FACILITY USE

a)          Curfew in the Park is 11:00 p.m. for persons under 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

b)          All recreational facilities are closed during all hours of worship.

c)           Appropriate dress (including swim wear) is expected of all residents and their guests at all times.

d)          Smoking, alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs are not allowed in the Park.

e)          No burning (open fires) is allowed within the Park.

f)            Recycling is strongly encouraged.  Aluminum cans may be left in the shed located near the dumpsters.  Newspapers, magazines, phone books, etc. should be placed in the Cardboard Only container.  Plastics (bottles and containers with numbers 1-8), glass, and other metals (steel or tin cans) may be placed in the co-mingled recycle dumpster.  NO STYROFOAM is allowed in the recycle dumpsters.  NO TRASH is allowed in the recycle dumpsters.  NO PLASTIC BAGS are allowed in the recycle dumpsters.

g)          The Park may bar any person or persons from any or all recreational facilities for improper behavior or infraction of Park Rules and Regulations as determined by the Board.



a)      Pets are not allowed in the Park with the exception of a Seeing Eye dog or a companion animal that is required for medical reasons.  The following conditions must be satisfied:

1.           A written letter is required from a physician stating that the resident is “handicapped” under the definitions of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the American Disabilities Act (ADA), and that the pet serves in required therapy to deal with the disability of the resident. 

2.           Proof of the physician’s qualification to treat the claimed disability.

3.           Proof that the doctor is the treating physician for the patient.

4.           Sufficient medical records to demonstrate the existence of the disability if it is not otherwise obvious (e.g. the Park Administrator may ask for proof of treatment for severe depression, but probably not for an amputation).

b)    For approved pets the owners must:

1.           Provide proof to the Park Administrator that the pet has been neutered or spayed and is current on all vaccinations and licenses.

2.           Properly dispose of all animal waste.

3.           Annually update the proof of licenses and vaccinations with the Park Office

c)           Violation of any of these rules will result in the owner being asked to remove their pet from the park.

d)      As a courtesy to visitors, pets may be allowed in the Park for ONE DAY ONLY, provided the pet is kept under strict control at all times.

Section 6:  Building/Construction



a)          Before beginning any external addition, alteration, or remodeling to your unit, please refer to the Park Bylaws, Section 13.10, 13.11, 13.12.  A drawing must be submitted to the Park Administrator showing the proposed construction. No work should begin without written permission from the Park Administrator. 

b)          All construction must have a permit according to the Hillsborough County Building Codes and Florida Building Codes.  Call (813) 272-5600 to determine if a permit is required.

c)           Any roof replacement on a Concrete Block home must have a contractor and a permit must be obtained per Hillsborough County regulations.

d)          Consult the Park Administrator for guidelines regarding location of property lines and County/Park setback regulations.

e)          Roofs and awnings may extend beyond the setbacks for a distance of one foot.  Carport roofs may extend to the front of the property line.  Satellite dishes and A/C units may extend to the property line.

f)            The Board of Directors may declare a Mobile Home, Park Model, permanent RV or concrete block home uninhabitable as a result of damage, deterioration, age or neglect.  The Board may cite any owner for violation of this provision.  An owner cited will have 30 days to correct the problem.





a)          All mobile home floors must be above the 100-year flood level of 108.25 feet NGVD and certified by a registered engineer.

b)          All Mobile Homes, Park Models, and RV’s which are permanently set must be tied down.  It is highly recommended that sheds also be tied down if they are free-standing.

c)           Skirting is required on all Mobile homes, Park Models and RV units which are permanently set.

d)          Any Mobile Home, Park Model or RV that is permanently brought into the Park shall not have been titled for more than four years and must be so certified by the Park Administrator before being placed on a lot.

e)          There shall be no add-on buildings attached to a Mobile Home, Park Model, or RV that is permanently set.  Add-on structures must be freestanding. (This includes carports, screen rooms, Florida rooms, etc.) 



a)          A storage shed will be allowed on lots with travel trailers or Park Models in accordance with county setback requirements.  See Park Administrator for details.

b)          There must be a minimum of 4 feet of clearance between the drip line of a storage shed or awning and the unit next to it. 

c)           Rain gutters must be installed on all Florida rooms, awnings, screen rooms, carports, etc., to carry water to drainage areas.

d)          Units in this section MUST NOT exceed 12 feet in width.  The length of each unit is restricted by the lot size.

e)          The minimum distance from the front of each unit to the edge of the paved roadway is as follows:

1.       Zion Ave., 15.5 feet 

2.       Ebenezer Street, east-18.5 feet, west-15.5 feet

3.       Hebron Street, 24 feet

f)            In all cases each unit must be a minimum of 6.5 feet from the rear of the unit to the lot line between units.



a)          There is a fee for heavy mechanical equipment when used for personal purposes.  A fee schedule is available.  Only Park employees may operate this equipment.  Due to insurance requirements no equipment will be loaned to residents for personal use. 

b)          There is no Workers Compensation Insurance coverage on any volunteer working on Park grounds.


Section 7:   RV Camping


7.1   The camping area is designed to accommodate temporary guests.  A fee is required in full for the time the unit is on the site.


7.2   All campers must register at the Park Office before parking.  Those arriving after the office is closed must follow posted instructions and complete registration as soon as possible.


7.3   Contact the Park Office for reservations.  A deposit of one month must be submitted by April 15 to hold a specific space for all campers staying at least 3 months during the next winter season.  The deposit may be returned if requested before November 1.  Exception for long-time renters (three or more successive years): a $100 deposit by April 15 for the following season.



Section 8:  Guest Rooms and Cabins


8.1   A deposit of one month's rent is required by April 15 to hold a specific unit for the next season.  The deposit may be returned if requested before November 1.  Exception for long-time renters (three or more successive years): a $100 deposit is required by April 15 for the following season.


8.2   Personal items left in the unit are left at your own risk.  The unit must be left in rental condition.  (No large items such as golf clubs, lawn chairs, or bicycles may be stored in the open space.)


8.3   Monthly rent includes all utilities.  Rooms are furnished including one set of linens.


8.4   Members of the Free Methodist Church have priority in renting guest rooms and cabins.



Section 9:  Swimming Pool


9.1   The Park does not provide lifeguards.


9.2   The Pool is for the use of Park residents, their guests and registered campers.


9.3   For your own safety DO NOT SWIM ALONE.


9.4   Adult supervision is required for all swimmers under the age of 16 years.


9.5   Maximum number allowed in the pool at one time is (18) eighteen.


9.6   Shower before entering pool.


9.7   No food or glass containers are allowed in pool areas.


9.8   Safe and proper conduct is required at all times.  No running or diving.

9.9   The gate to the Pool should be closed at all times.  It MUST be locked when no one is in the pool area.


9.10 Open hours are posted at Pool Gate.




9.11 All residents and guests using the pool must be properly attired.  No bikini or thong swimsuits are allowed.  Cover ups should be used when entering and leaving the pool area.



Section 10:  Storage


10.1  Only recreational vehicles, motor homes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, boat and utility trailers may be parked in the storage areas.                                                      


10.2  The storage areas are for residents' use only.


10.3  All units must have a VALID CURRENT REGISTRATION.


10.4  Motor homes, 5th wheels and travel trailers may be parked for a period not exceeding six (6) months, except for permanent residents with permission of the Park Administrator.


10.5  Any shed placed on Park property in the area near the golf course must be a manufactured, metal structure and must have approval of the Park Administrator before being placed.  Such sheds will be placed in a straight row leaving an 18 ft. wide access lane between the rows.


The 18 ft. will be measured from the front of the existing Mahen shed.  An annual fee is required.


a)          All new sheds are to be 8 ft. x 10 ft. with a gable roof on the 8 ft. side.

b)          The door is to be on the 8 ft. side and when placed, the door must face the existing row of sheds.

c)           All new sheds must be tan in color.