Events 2006-2007

We have three new goats, the two nanny’s both had babies, One had Twins.

Stan celebrates his 70th birthday.

Because of the pig damage we had to replace the fence around the spray fields.

Teco has been in the park replacing poles and has added transformers to help with the low power in the mobile home section.

Also the main water line has been replace for the trailers between Joppa and Bethel.

Friends and Family celebrate Jean Robinson’s 90th Birthday at Hood Hall. 12/29/2006
Gladys Smith celebrates her 98th Birthday at Hood Hall with her Light and Life friends. 1/5/2007

The art class meet every Monday

Light and Life Stitchers meet every Thursday

Every Year there is a shuffle board tournament
W.M.I. Meets every Wednesday
Every Other Monday we meet for Mugs On Monday
Surprise Birthday party for Doris

Blood Pressure Clinic held on every other Thursday

Louverne Celebrates her 90th birthday

Going Away Luncheon for Kay
Surprise Birthday party for Gloria
Going away party for Bud and Jeanette
Going away party for Bob and Carolyn
Going away party for Eldon and Flo