Available Sales/Leases


Park Administrator’s Inspection reports are available in the Park Office.

Call 863 858-7504 for email copies.

Visit the Office during business hours for a paper copy.

Property Transfers

1. HOW TO PURCHASE A PROPERTY – Only members who are 55 years of age or older and are in good standing with the Free Methodist Church for at least 2 years may own or lease property in the park. (Exception: see Article 3.2 of the By-Laws). To transfer property, an Application to Acquire a Deed, Lease, or Right to Occupy Property in Light and Life Park, Inc. must be submitted to the Park Administrator who shall forward all completed applications to the Board or its designee for approval or disapproval.

2. HOW TO SELL A PROPERTY – Contact the Park Administrator to schedule a pre-sale inspection and have the property unit placed on the “For Sale” list. The Park Administrator will note any defects which must be remedied before the unit can be sold if it is to remain in the Park.

3. No commercial realtor may be employed in any property transaction within the Park.

4. A property transfer fee is payable by the seller to the Park on all sales transactions of villas, houses trailers, mobile homes, or RV’s. A fee schedule is available in the Office.

5. Any unit offered for sale must be sold within one year, but may be rented during this period. If the unit is not sold during this time, the owner must request an extension in writing to the Board of Directors.

6. All deed holders and lessees must pay their own taxes as assessed by the county and/or state agencies.


No Villas available currently.


5441 Sharon Trail - $46,900.00

Savini/Stiller 4/16/19 (Reduced 5-5-2023)

Block house for sale. 1 BR, 1 Bath. Numerous upgrades have been done in 2017-2018: New metal roof, gutters, concrete driveway, painting inside and outside, beautiful laminate flooring in bedroom and living room, baseboards, window blinds, kitchen backsplash, toilet and bathroom sink, screen door, ceiling fan. This cottage has given our family many wonderful memories. Looking for a new owner to love it as we did.  Sharon Stiller (561) 262-9763

5311 Sharon Trail - $130,000.00

Root, Rex and Bethel

Block Home for sale, 3 BR, plus sunroom for an extra bedroom.  One full bath and 2 half baths.  There are a washer, dryer and laundry room.  The stove and dishwasher are just 5 years old.  There is a man’s tool room.  This home is on a corner lot.  It has a roof that is three years old, newer windows and a new skylight.

If interested, contact Bethel Root at (231) 878-4329

Mobile Homes

5882 Deeson Road - $34,000

Poole 8/31/23

This fully furnished singlewide trailer needs some TLC. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a large car port and a Florida room. The bedrooms consist of a large master bedroom and a small spare bedroom. There is a workshop/laundry room in the back. It has a new metal roof and a new water heater. There is brand new flooring in the Florida Room.  The golf cart and two dehumidifiers come with the trailer. 

Gene & Connie Poole (270) 282-1461


No RV or Park Models currently available.


RV Lots available for lease:


Lots available in Mobile Home Area:

5359 Beulah Land
5885 Shiloh Path

All new applicants must pay a one time $150.00 Application Fee to the Park
Note: The Bylaws of Florida’s Light & Life Park, Inc. in Article III state:

Section 3.2 To own or lease property at the Park, except as provided in Article 3.4, the individual must be at least 55 years old, except on written consent of the Board, and a member of the Free Methodist Church (FMC) for the two (2) years immediately before the purchase or lease.

Section 3.3 As an exception to Article 3.2, the two-year requirement of membership in the FMC may be waived, on written request to the Board of Directors of the Park (Board), by a purchaser who previously was an adult member of the FMC for at least five (5) years and is currently a member of the FMC.

Section 3.4 At least 75% of the privately owned Park residents must be owned by members of the FMC. Non-Free Methodists may own Park property if they hold a faith similar to that of the FMC and if they agree to sign all documents required for residency at the Park, as stated in the Park Rules and Regulations.